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International Institute of Aviation (IIA)

Over 10,000 Students Have Started Their Career In Aviation Industry.

The Career That Gives You EVERYTHING To Understand, Travel and Explore the New World!


International Institute of Aviation was created so that students like you...
...who aren't aware
...who don't know how to start

..can easily build a career in aviation that is proven to create!


About IIA

International Institute of Aviation, IIA is an aviation academy created to provide world-class training to students who wish to get started on their aviation journey. This institute is owned and run by professional cabin crew members who have decades of experience in the aviation industry. From taking care of grooming the students to, infusing practical expertise, IIA has a reputation of being one of the top institutes in the aviation sector. It has seen top-class results, reflected through best placements, awards, and recognition.

IIA’s philosophy is to create an environment of motivation & learning. In a short period, this academy has stood out to be one of the best in the sector. Students are taught in aircraft-modified classrooms that follow a unique, up-to-date curriculum. The approach here is to focus & teach the practical aspects of the industry and not just impart theoretical knowledge. This helps students prepare up to the current market standards and cope up with changes that take place in the industry. To add to this, students are confident and excited about achieving the best results as a 100% placement guarantee is assured, reflecting utmost satisfaction and faith in the workings of this institute. IIA is the only institute that has endorsed AASSC books & has a ground-handling agency license by the name Jayam Aviation Pvt Ltd to provide ground support in all India Airports. It facilitates 500+ interviews every year & Dr. Suseelan has signed an official Manpower agreement with Air Deccan and Air Odisha Airline to provide manpower under the PM UDAN scheme. It’s no surprise that all of IIA’s students continue to be placed in reputed airlines across the globe.

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