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Dr. Suseelan has penned down his vast years of experience & love for aviation in his books for enthusiasts to read all over the world. He is one of the few Asian authors to share his knowledge about the aviation sector with the world through his work. His best-selling works have sold over 19000 copies!

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Introduction To Airline Industry

This book throws light on the evolution of aviation in India. It touches on the very basic understanding of aviation. Contents contain details on the market size of aviation in India, airport handling procedures, security-check processes, delayed flights, travel agencies & tourism. Every unit looks into every procedure, type of airlines, currency conversions, IATA exchange rates for different countries, and case studies in great detail that are illustrated with high-resolution images & simple language to facilitate quick learning. 


The aviation sector continues to face new challenges, the solutions to which often lie in the in-depth analysis of the foundations of this sector and case studies that highlight what worked and failed in the past. This book covers all of that and a lot more. It is a perfect guide for students who can look at it as a teaching tool or use it as a simple reference.


Airline Airport & Tourism Management

This book dives in greater depth in identifying the problems & trends of the aviation industry and covers all particulars of the tourism industry. The material aims to provide complete clarity to students and assist them through a formal course of instructions. It is great for those who are enrolled in an academy, as well as for those preparing on their own. It helps prepare practitioners to enter the industry and helps seasoned professionals prepare for new threats and prevent new tragedies. From travel documents to intricate details of the tourism industry, the book has got it all. 


Dr. Suseelan warrants details on all important subjects of the aviation industry: revenue generation, passenger load, economic benefits, growth forecast, aviation management, IATA, security checks, and tourism being the major highlights. The latest-updated material throughout the text, presenting both national and global perspectives along with examples & case studies and practical safety measures gives the reader a sharp understanding of the effective methods basic principles involved in implementing a security system currently in use at airports worldwide. Further, this is a student-friendly & easy to comprehend book that has discussion questions at the end of each chapter and an abbreviations list to facilitate quick and easy learning for the students. For curious minds willing to get an understanding of this industry, choosing this book is a No-Brainer!

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EQ-  Soft skills for corporate career

In this fast changing world, people are indulged in professional life but along with the technical knowledge soft skills are very important to present your knowledge in front of people to convince them. Soft skills are required in every phase of life, to start your career after your academic to convince your HR for recruitment’s or to convince your investors for your projects. This skills will give you a different stage to perform. You will also learn about virtual meetings and disciplines to follow during it. This book will help you to prepare for interviews, creating CV, improving communication and over all personality Development and the most important Thing to manage Time to help do multi tasking to increase your efficiency.

Dr Sumeet Suseelan have two decades of Experience in Education sector widely known as Aviation Guru, He is a Chairman to International Institute of Aviation, ASSOCHAM Skill Development JSDC, Head of Training to TED 14:1 UAVs Bureau of Indian Standards GOVT OF INDIA, President to LegBall federation of India, Secretary General to World Armsport Federation and Armsport Federation India, Secretary to Nationalist Youth Congress. For More information kindly visit

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