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Dr. Sumeet Suseelan is a veteran Aviation Expert who has more than 15 years of Aviation Experience. He is the first Indian to be selected as a Flight Steward for one of the world’s top Airlines, Air Asia, and was rated as one of the Top 100 celebrities in FORBES India Magazine in 2018. Aviation is his passion and his life works are proof of the same. He is the only Aviation Author in Asia to write 3 Books on Aviation Management which are being sold all over the world, every passing day. From bagging his first job in this field, at a very young age, to writing books and now running his own International Institute of Aviation, it has been a pathbreaking journey for Dr. Suseelan. A journey that is inspiring many young ones to follow their dreams of reaching the sky!
“I have come this far in my career through sheer hard work and willingness to deal with new challenges every day. I reached the pinnacle of success due to a clear vision and determination.”

Dr. Sumeet Suseelan

Books By Aviation Guru

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This book throws light on the evolution of aviation in India. It touches on the very basic understanding of aviation. Contents contain details on the market size of aviation in India, airport handling procedures, security-check processes, delayed flights, travel agencies & tourism. Every unit looks into every procedure, type of airlines, currency conversions, IATA exchange rates for different countries, and case studies in great detail that are illustrated with high-resolution images & simple language to facilitate quick learning. 


The aviation sector continues to face new challenges, the solutions to which often lie in the in-depth analysis of the foundations of this sector and case studies that highlight what worked and failed in the past. This book covers all of that and a lot more. It is a perfect guide for students who can look at it as a teaching tool or use it as a simple reference.

This book dives in greater depth in identifying the problems & trends of the aviation industry and covers all particulars of the tourism industry. The material aims to provide complete clarity to students and assist them through a formal course of instructions. It is great for those who are enrolled in an academy, as well as for those preparing on their own. It helps prepare practitioners to enter the industry and helps seasoned professionals prepare for new threats and prevent new tragedies. From travel documents to intricate details of the tourism industry, the book has got it all. 


Dr. Suseelan warrants details on all important subjects of the aviation industry: revenue generation, passenger load, economic benefits, growth forecast, aviation management, IATA, security checks, and tourism being the major highlights. The latest-updated material throughout the text, presenting both national and global perspectives along with examples & case studies and practical safety measures gives the reader a sharp understanding of the effective methods basic principles involved in implementing a security system currently in use at airports worldwide. Further, this is a student-friendly & easy to comprehend book that has discussion questions at the end of each chapter and an abbreviations list to facilitate quick and easy learning for the students. For curious minds willing to get an understanding of this industry, choosing this book is a No-Brainer!

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Paper Craft

Dr. Suseelan has penned down his vast years of experience & love for aviation in his books for enthusiasts to read all over the world. He is one of the few Asian authors to share his knowledge about the aviation sector with the world through his work. His best-selling works have sold over 19000 copies!


What People Say About Me

“Whenever I meet Sumeet, I say: “There’s so much you can do, but, boy, could we use a mayor like you around these parts!” Sumeet has faithfully served our city and our country for years now, so my vote definitely goes to him!”

Greg Wald 
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